Freshly cut pine trees for home, event or business delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

View the frequently Asked Questions below or email us with your question.

1. How old are the xmas trees?

Our xmas trees are aged from 3.5 to 4.5 years old at the time of harvest.

2. When are the xmas trees cut?

Our xmas trees are cut in the morning for morning deliveries, and in the afternoon for late afternoon deliveries on the day the trees are scheduled to be delivered. As soon as they are cut, the trees are immediately loaded and carted to Auckland from our farm. Keeping the trees fresh is of upmost importance to us.

3. Where do the xmas trees come from?

Our trees are grown in South Head on the Kaipara Harbour, about 1.25 hours north of Auckland city.

4. When will my tree be delivered?

You can choose any of the days available on our order form. Most of our premium tree deliveries take place from Mondays to Thursdays from late November to mid December. Please note our premium trees are in high demand and may be limited in supply after this time.

5. Can I purchase a stand as opposed to hiring one?

Yes you can. Stands are available for sale on request, please contact us.

6. I want to sell xmas trees this year, can I buy in Bulk?

Yes you can! We deliver in mornings from Monday 30th November right through until Christmas (minimum tree numbers permitting). Please visit our wholesale page for more extensive information.

7. How can I keep my tree looking green and fresh through until xmas day?

Keeping your tree stand topped up with water is the key to keeping your tree looking fresh. Please visit our Tree Care section for more tips on looking after your tree.

8. Id like to get my Christmas tree removed after Christmas. What are my options?

Our removal options include Kerbside and Premium collection. We collect our Christmas Trees on the 5th and 6th of January 2016 (reserve day for CBD 7th Jan if high demand). Please ensure all Christmas tree decorations are removed prior to collection. Christmas trees from inner city apartment buildings or large unit blocks are to be kerbside collection only please. Take a look at our Order Form for removal booking options.