Freshly cut pine trees for home, event or business delivery


We have been delivering freshly cut wholesale xmas trees to a variety of clients in the greater Auckland area for the last few years now. Whether you are a university student, the owner of a garden centre, or just somebody who wants to make a few extra dollars for christmas, we cater for everyone!

We start delivering from Monday the 30th of November right through until Christmas. Our wholesale deliveries take place from 8am – 11am, 7 days per week (minimum tree numbers permitting). We sometimes make afternoon deliveries during busy periods, or when our schedule allows. Minimum order is 15 trees.

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Many of you will have sold xmas trees previously. For those of you who are thinking about selling xmas trees for the first time, here are a few pieces of information to help you along the way.

  • You will need to find a suitable site. You are allowed to sell xmas trees on private land, provided you have the written permission of the land owner and you are not obstructing public footpaths or entrances etc.
  • You will need to contact the relevant authorities if you intend to sell xmas trees from a site on council land. There are different sets of rules for most Auckland councils and they do change from year to year. You may or may not be successful when applying for permission to sell on council land. Please identify the area you are in and then contact your local council to discuss the matter.
  • Once you have established your site, you will need to source buckets for each tree and be close to a water supply. Also a gazebo or tarpaulin is great for providing shade for the trees. Water and shade will help to keep your trees looking fresh and prolong their life (see tree care).
  • It will be helpful to have a structure or wall nearby to lean the trees against as they do not stand up by themselves in the buckets. This also helps the look of the site as a good display is important to attract customers.
  • Signage

So thank you for considering St Nick’s Xmas Trees as your wholesale supplier, we look forward to seeing you in December.